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Select Basketball                            April through August

An out-of-season program for high school boys and girls basketball players in ND, SD, out-state MN and Eastern Montana that provides top regional players with the opportunity to play on a team with other highly talented individuals while improving their game and being seen by college coaches at all levels.

ECI Youth Services is the home of the ECI Select Basketball program.  In 2007, we operated 20 teams of top high school boys and girls players. Our teams competed in tournaments in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kentucky, Indiana, and Nevada. Our Select Teams are coached by top college assistants and high school head coaches who are committed to challenging each player to reach their full potential.  We want to give regional players the opportunity to be seen by college coaches and to increase the number of players from our region who continue to play basketball for college programs. We believe that the game of basketball provides numerous opportunities to learn valuable life lessons and are dedicated to better preparing youth for adulthood.




As the basketball season is about to begin I have been thinking about what an awesome summer Brock had in your program.  He only has one regret and that is not playing for the other two years that he could have played in a program like yours.  Thank you for all that you did for Brock, we can see that not only his basketball skills, but his personal skill have much improved.  He is so much more assertive and ready for this season as a senior.  I know he talks a lot about the things that he learned, and about the friends he made.  He still talks to many of the guys that he spent the summer with.  It was truly an awesome experience for him, and one we are really glad we got involved with.  It was a fun experience for us, too.


Dear ECI:


To those parents who are considering letting their son or daughter participate in the ECI summer basketball program I have a few things I would like to pass on to you.  Our son, Austin, was lucky enough to participate in the ECI basketball program for three summers.  It was a fantastic way for him to improve his basketball skills as well as grow as a person.  Dan Hodgson started the program just before our son's freshman summer so he was able to travel with teams very early in his high school career.  Because of that experience, players become great leaders both on and off the floor.  Dan now has Travis Kraft assisting him, and these two are the classiest guys in the business.   The ECI program also hires greatcollege level and high school coaches.  They are top notch and will make your son or daughter feel great about the ECI experience.  Because of Dan's tireless efforts the ECI program is nationally known and has been very successful both on the court in there great finishes at tournaments; and off the floor with outstanding coaches leading these young men and women.  Now that our son is a senior and will no longer be participating in the ECI program, we want to wish the organization all the luck in the world and thanks a million for all that you do for the young adults in the upper mid west. We will miss the ECI family.


“ECI has been a wonderful opportunity for me.  I love playing basketball and learning new skills.  I have played with great players and traveled to many states to play in major tournaments.  The ECI coaches have been awesome.  I have made many new friends and with the exposure that ECI has given me, I will be able to play basketball in college.  I will be forever grateful for the opportunity that ECI has given me.”


“In the last week, two local kids have been offered basketball scholarships by NDSU.  Ask both of their coaches how they made it onto everybody’s radar, and 3 letters come up:  E-C-I.  The Wahpeton-based organization is giving small-town kids a chance to play big-time summer competition.  It is, in my mind, the biggest development in high school basketball that I’ve seen in the 10 years that I’ve lived in North Dakota.”